Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gallic Druid artifact

Anne Lombard-Jourdan

We need, too, do even a small square with ancient Gallic traditions with an aspect Solar should not be neglected under the leadership of Mrs. Anne Lombard-Jourdan (CNRS researcher). She explains that, we quote: "the lily of the kings of France is none other than the heir of an ancient solar symbol, which she describes as' composed of a cross with equal arms, with arms higher was divided and fell to the right and left as a double curve (GEMINA CRISTA), he spoke of the rising sun, when it grows. " This fleur de lys, heraldic arms of the kings of France, deriving a symbol of Gallic name Crista is a noun of classical Latin. This represents an upside down omega illustrating the sun cut into two equal parts (day and night).
Anne Lombard-Jourdan

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